Production Service Barcelona

Set/studio 1

We own most of the kit you’d need and it lives at the studios. However, to provide a complete service we can hire in any additional equipment you might need at competitive rates.

Your kit will be prepared by our in-house technicians and will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive for your shoot. You can even ask us to have your camera(s) tripod mounted with monitors & mics all connected, set up and ready to go.

Make the most of your time in the studio, with your crew, actually working on your shoot rather than preparing for it.

  • Studio near the circuit of Barcelona

    180m2 useful work

  • Area Pre-set loading and unloading of sets and
    mobile units


  • Chroma Key

    Mobile adpatat to project needs

  • Access to Plato, and next services
  • Grills cold light
  • Cameras equipped with Teleprompter

  • Crane and access structure. Lighting
  • Control Panel Lighting
  • 99 independent channels Dimmer total control needs


Other services


Mobile Transmissions


TV chamber control room

Video Editing

Production Service



, next to the Circuit of Catalonia and the center of Barcelona. We provide outstanding customer based service to the TV,



industry. Experts in Broadcast, Camera, Audio and Lighting Equipment, we offer full equipped
facilities, chromakey, location, video editing rooms, experienced crews, satellite links, offices and production rooms with internet connections, broadband cable, and all facilities for a cost and time effective shoot. We have worked on a wide variety of projects with national and international broadcasters. Have your Studio for Formula 1 and Moto GP at just 2 minutes from the Circuit.
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